Best Business Broadband in Washington DC

UNSi provides broadband Internet solutions for businesses in Washington DC, from small businesses to large enterprises. With our fixed wireless network, we provide businesses with broadband high speed Internet access wirelessly directly to your business location. We offer high-bandwidth speeds at affordable rates. And our business broadband solutions are not restricted to standard T1 increments which means you can get just the amount of bandwidth you need, anywhere from 2 Mbps up to GigE speeds.

Our installation times for new business broadband service is much quicker than traditional wired solutions. Initial installation should take just a few days, not weeks or months. Our broadband service is delivered via an Ethernet connection, making it simple to connect to your existing local area network.

Plus, we do not charge for installation or the equipment needed to get started with us. Bandwidth upgrades, if needed, will not require additional equipment charges and can be completed quickly as well.

Reliable Business Broadband Solutions in Washington DC

UNSi offers a 100% up-time guarantee, with quality of service level guarantees on jitter, latency and packet loss. UNSi’s fixed wireless network is reliable and secure; we deploy eight levels of signal modulation and our radios automatically choose the appropriate level to ensure optimal throughput in inclement weather.  Our wireless hardware utilizes 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect your data.

UNSi is the best for business broadband in Washington DC–and in the nation. Find out why thousands of companies of all sizes rely on us for their voice and data services: click here to fill out our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.