Small Business Broadband Solutions in San Diego California

UNSi offers small businesses dedicated, scalable bandwidth   from  2 Mbps up to GigE speeds via our fixed wireless network in San Diego California. With UNSi’s fixed wireless network small businesses will get high speed connections to the Internet faster than with traditional wireline carriers.

Traditional business broadband providers offer standard T1, bonded T1’s, or DS3 service to deliver their services.  The basic T1 business-level broadband speed is only 1.54 Mbps. To increase your bandwidth, multiple T1’s  must be installed and bonded together bonding multiple T1 circuits can be very expensive,  inefficient, and is subject to CPE limitations.

With our fixed wireless network, you will get just the bandwidth needed without having to purchase in 1.54 Mbps increments. By simply adding our subscriber unit on the roof of your business, you will be connected to the Internet quickly and easily. Your businesses high speed Internet connection will never be interrupted by severed cables from construction mistakes, flooding, earthquakes, or downed wires from severe weather which might interrupt traditional wireline services, sometimes for days, or even weeks, at a time.

Affordable and Reliable Small Business Broadband in San Diego

UNSi offers small businesses an affordable, flexible, and reliable alternative to traditional wired broadband solutions. With our fixed wireless network, you can be more precise in choosing the exact level of bandwidth that your business needs for Internet access. This will provide a significant cost savings to you and your business, especially as your businesses bandwidth needs increase as your business grows.

UNSi is the best small business broadband provider in the San Diego California area–and in the nation. Find out why thousands of companies of all sizes rely on us for their voice and data services: click here to fill out our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.