Can WiMax-Based Broadband Service Work for You in Phoenix?

If you’ve been tethered to traditional wireline broadband service in Phoenix, you might be tempted by the advantages of WiMax-based Internet, but unsure if it will really work for you. Can a wireless network provide the speed and bandwidth your company needs? Can it be as reliable as a wireline service? How does it stack up, costwise, when compared to your cable or phone company?

We’ve got good news for you: WiMax-based broadband service in Phoenix can give you precisely the speed and bandwidth you need–whether you require 2 mbps or GigE speeds. Gone are the days of trying to make do with bonded T1 lines–or upgrading to a DS3 line, possible paying for capacity you don’t need. At UNSi, our fixed-wireless broadband service is highly scalable. Because we aren’t tied down by wires, we can offer WiMax-based broadband in nearly any increment.

Get Powerful, Reliable WiMax-Based Broadband Service in Phoenix

Because our WiMax-based broadband service is so easily scaled, it’s a simple matter to upgrade your Internet, even on a short-term basis for a specific event on a temporary basis. Just give us a call, and we’ll adjust the RF signals we beam to your subscriber unit. Upgrades can take just a matter of hours, and there’s no additional termination equipment or bonding fees to pay for.

If you want a dedicated, private WiMax-based broadband connection, ask about our point-to-point services. You’ll get the benefit of your own exclusive base station, which can beam signals to your building from as far away as 20 miles, with a clear line of sight. For more information, call (602) 426-0600 or 1-866-247-2263.