Looking for an Alternative to T1 Lines in Phoenix?

If your Phoenix company’s business broadband currently depends on T1 lines, we can see why you might be ready to switch. T1 lines have been around for years–and that’s part of the problem. The original wireline networks simply weren’t built for today’s high-capacity, high-speed needs. Plus, there’s the expenses associated with T1 lines, beginning with the leasing fees traditional ISPs must pay for the “last mile” of line, also known as the local loop infrastructure. These fees are passed to you and can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Another expense associated with T1 lines is apparent if you’ve ever had to upgrade your service. Businesses need larger amounts of bandwidth than ever before, but each T1 line’s capacity remains the same: just 1.5 mbps. Every time you need to add more, you’ll have to have miles of additional line pulled to your location–no mean feat in a major metropolitan area like Phoenix. This is both a lengthy and expensive process–not only will you have to pay bonding fees, but you could end up waiting 90 days or longer.

Get T1 Speeds in Phoenix for Less

When you switch to UNSi’s fixed-wireless network, you’ll bypass T1 lines and the local loop and receive lightning-fast, reliable broadband Internet. We everything from 2 mbps to GigE speeds, and any increment in between. Because you won’t have to wait for line to be installed, setup can be completed in days. We’ll install a subscriber unit, a small antenna, to your roof to receive our RF signals. These signals are then delivered via Ethernet to your LAN, for ease of configuration.

With all of these advantages, you can see why so many Phoenix businesses are switching from T1 to UNSi’s fixed-wireless alternative. For more information, call (602) 426-0600 or 1-866-247-2263 today!