Choose Your High-Speed Internet Provider in Phoenix With Caution

If you’re running a business in Phoenix, the good news is, you have several choices when it comes to high-speed Internet providers. Phoenix is a major metropolitan area–the 12th largest in the nation. There are thousands of businesses that rely on fast, reliable high-speed Internet services. However, the savvy ones are choosing the fixed-wireless network of UNSi. Our high-speed Internet services were created to give Phoenix business exactly what they need, in a shorter amount of time and with lower monthly fees than the competition.

One reason why UNSi is a less expensive high-speed Internet provider is, unlike traditional wireline ISPs, we can bypass the expensive local loop infrastructure. You see, wireline ISPs don’t own the cable or fiber optics that comprise their networks; they lease them from the phone company or other entity. This isn’t just inconvenient if a problem arises–it’s expensive. These high monthly lease payments are passed on to customers in the form of increased fees.

The Most Bandwidth-Efficient High-Speed Internet Provider in Phoenix

Another way UNSi can save you money is our flexible scalability. Wireline ISPs are bound by wires, and so are you: if you need to increase your bandwidth, you’ll have to keep adding T1 lines, which is both time-consuming and costly. By the time you’ve reached 8 T1 lines, or 12 mbps, you’d actually be better off financially upgrading to a DS3 line, which would provide speeds of 45 mbps. However, if you only need 12 mbps, you’re still paying for almost four times the bandwidth you need.

With UNSi, we bypass the local loop infrastructure, which means we won’t add lease costs you your monthly bill. And because we provide high-speed Internet via our wireless network, we can scale our services in Phoenix to precisely match your needs. In addition, we off a 100% Uptime Guarantee. If you would like to add us as your provider, call (602) 426-0600 or 1-866-247-2263.