UNSi: Your Business VoIP Provider in Phoenix

When you choose UNSi as your business VoIP provider in Phoenix, you can rest assured that you will be getting the same kind of advanced technology and usability used by major corporations, but at a very convenient price. Our fixed-wireless network is free from wires and cable, which lowers our overhead. Unlike traditional wireline providers, we don’t lease any lines, which in turn saves you money. This also translates into fast, non-invasive installation of our services to your location.

Our hosted VoIP services in Phoenix offer multiple benefits to our customers. Instead of having to manage a traditional on-site phone system, which can waste time and money, we handle the heavy lifting, while you still retain full control over your phone services. With our convenient web portal, administrators can make changes, adjust preferences, and even add users right from their computers. There’s no waiting, and users can also use an integrated call control toolbar to access features and applications quickly and easily.

Get Flexibility From Your Business VoIP Provider in Phoenix

No matter how large your company grows or how many employees you add, you won’t outgrow our VoIP service. Our scalability is unmatched in the industry, and our VoIP services were created using based on industry standard protocols that insure that no matter how technology evolves in the future, your phones will not become obsolete. In this way, we protect your investment over the long term.

Enjoy a business VoIP provider in Phoenix that isn’t limited by T1 lines. Our fixed-wireless network can provide you with exactly the bandwidth you need–from 2 mbps to GigE speeds. To speak with an UNSi representative, call (602) 426-0600 or 1-866-247-2263.