Choose a Wireless Provider for Business VoIP in Phoenix

Almost everyone knows about the benefits of business VoIP (Voice over IP) in Phoenix: lower costs, flexible features, and secure, standardized protocols. If your business is thinking about switching from a public switched telephone network to VoIP–or you already have VoIP and want to check out other providers, you’ll be happy with what you’ll find here at UNSi. Our VoIP services are affordable, flexible, and powerful.

We’re committed to protecting your investment by making sure our phones will never be outdated or unable to access new developments in technology as they come down the pike. That means you won’t put forth the capital for VoIP from us, only to find out you need to buy all-new equipment in two years. Our services can scale up or down to meet your business’ needs. Because we deliver VoIP via our fixed-wireless network, we’re not limited by the physical capacities of cables or wire. You can get exactly the amount of bandwidth you need, at costs that can be half that of traditional wireline providers.

Get Advanced Features for Less With Business VoIP From UNSi

Your employees will enjoy dozens of advanced features with our Polycom and Cisco IP phones, including voicemail-to-email integration, remote office functionality, paging, three-way calling, and much more. Accessing these applications is a snap, thanks to our desktop call control software. Users can change their preferences, set up conference calls, or make a call from an email effortlessly.

Choosing a hosted business VoIP service like UNSi can save your Phoenix business time and money–both now and in the long run. Our introductory package includes five stations, 2 mbps dedicated data, unlimited local minutes, and much more. For additional details, call us in Phoenix at 1-855-888-UNSi.