Looking for a New Business ISP in Phoenix?

There are many reasons you could be considering switching to a new business ISP in Phoenix. You could be fed up with the services your wireline ISP has been providing–or is unable to provide. After all, most wireline ISPs lease the “last mile” of line they use to bring your business its Internet connection. If you have a problem with your service, they might claim the problem is in the “back haul,” which is managed by a different company. Which leaves you on your own when you need help the most.

This doesn’t happen when you work with UNSi, one of the most reliable and flexible business ISPs in Phoenix. At UNSi, we don’t lease our lines–we don’t have any! Instead, we have our own fixed-wireless network, letting us bypass the local loop infrastructure and the expensive monthly fees associated with it. Owning our network in its entirety means if there’s ever a problem, you know you only need to deal with one company–us. And since we monitor our system constantly, you can breathe easy that we will most likely solve any potential problem before it affects your service.

The Most Reliable, Flexible Business ISP in Phoenix

Our fixed-wireless network provides a multitude of advantages for our customers. First, installation is much faster than traditional wireline ISPs. There are no fibers or cable to be laid–a time-consuming process that can take months. Instead, our RF signal is beamed to a small antenna mounted on our roof, and delivered via Ethernet connection to your LAN. There’s no additional network hardware to purchase or lease, and upgrades are similarly fast and painless.

To speak with an UNSi representative in Phoenix, call 1-855-888-UNSi.