More Providers for Businesses Needing  Broadband Solutions in Phoenix

For years, the major choices in broadband providers for businesses in Phoenix were cable and phone companies. It was considered normal, and even expected, that pulling cables or fiber optic lines to businesses would be tedious, intrusive, and slow–often taking 90 days. It was also widely known that upgrading to higher speeds would also be slow, and get expensive quickly. After all, each T1 line costs a certain amount. A business with two T1 lines offering 3 mbps that wanted to upgrade to 15 mbps would have to add 24 T1 lines–an exponentially larger monthly investment.

Fortunately, your options have been upgraded. Now you can opt for the effortlessly scalable, guaranteed-reliable broadband services from UNSi. Our fixed-wireless broadband services don’t rely on lines or cables. We simply beam RF signals to an antenna installed on the roof of your business. We can offer small- to medium-sized businesses anywhere from 3 mbps to 45 mbps–an optimum speed range for many companies–but we can also offer GigE speeds that are surprisingly affordable for larger entities like schools and hospitals.

Your Fixed-Wireless Business Broadband Provider in Phoenix

If you’re a small business, you might be considering making do with residential broadband services instead of a bonafide business-level offering. UNSi can offer a much more reliable, affordable alternative. Instead of waiting for the cable guy or getting the runaround from your phone company, you can enjoy premium broadband services for much less than you’d imagine. As your business–and Internet–needs grow, UNSi will be with you every step of the way, providing round-the-clock monitoring and fast, flexible scalability of our services.

To speak with an UNSi representative, call (602) 426-0600 or dial 1-866-247-2263 toll free.