Get Faster Than 1.5 mbps Speeds in Phoenix for Less

Businesses who have a traditional T1 line for their broadband Internet will experience speeds of 1.5 mbps. This is a suitable speed for a small business. Although it is slower than some home Internet services, a dedicated 1.5 mbps business Internet connection will often be more reliable than a home Internet service, which can often be bogged down by a large number of users–or even weather.

If you’re a small business looking for 1.5 mbps business Internet in Phoenix, you might automatically opt for your cable or phone company. However, getting a T1 line installed at your location has be time consuming and expensive. If you live far away from your provider, you might have to have miles of cable pulled to your location and installed in the building. Plus, if you outgrow 1.5 mbps and need more, you’ll have to go through the entire process–and double or even triple your costs each time.

The Smart Alternative to 1.5 Mbps Wireline Internet in Phoenix

At UNSi, we offer a faster, more convenient, and more affordable service. We can offer 2 mbps speeds that are often less expensive than wireline companies’ 1.5 mbps. This is because unlike traditional wireline services, we don’t have to lease the local loop infrastructure, or “last mile” of cable to your business. Our Internet broadband services are completely wireless, so there are no overhead costs connected to the local loop that are passed on to our customers.

With no wires, there’s no wait. We’ll simply install a subscriber unit onto your roof to pick up our RF signals. Installation takes days or even hours, not months. If you need to upgrade your service, just give us a call and we’ll adjust the signal accordingly. For more information, call UNSi in Phoenix at 1-855-888-UNSi.