Business Voice over IP Solutions from UNSi

Upgrading your legacy business telecommunication or PBX system to UNSi’s Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution will save money and provide you with advanced features  to streamline your business telecommunications.

UNSi’s Business VoIP Advantages:

  1. State of the art calling features – our Hosted  VoIP solutions provide customers with a leading edge telephone system without the initial capital expenses. From day one, you will have a system that delivers all the current features plus tomorrow’s upgrades updated automatically as they become available.
  2. Start small and seamlessly add users to the system as needed, you only pay for the users you need on a monthly basis.
  3. Instant communication and collaboration – Hosted VoIP solutions improve productivity and the ability to collaborate remotely with features like 4-digit dialing that link remote workers and office-based workers easily, creating a workplace without borders.
  4. Seamless remote worker connectivity – UNSi’s Hosted VoIP solutions make it simple to integrate remote workers into your business telephone system through their own home Internet connections. Your customers will be able to reach your whole staff through your corporate switchboard, regardless of where each worker is physically located.
  5. No moving cost, if your company moves to a new location, traditional telephone and PBX systems cost money to move. With UNSi’s Hosted VoIP solutions, your telephone system is hosted on UNSi’s fixed wireless network. You simply move your telephones and computers to the new location and once you have reestablished Internet connectivity, the telephones are connected.

UNSi is the best voice over IP alternative for businesses in Philadelphia–and in the nation. Find out why thousands of companies of all sizes rely on us for their voice and data services: click here to fill out our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.