T1 Service Alternatives in Irvine California

T1 circuits are the basic level of business-grade data service. A T1 circuit provides 1.54 mbps of bandwidth. To satisfy growing bandwidth needs, the traditional solution is to add additional T1s and “bond” them together, scaling bandwidth 1.54 mbps at a time.  Businesses know that bonding T1s does not create economies of scale.   After roughly eight bonded T1 lines, high monthly costs generally prompt business users to upgrade to a DS3 circuit,carrying 45 mbps of bandwidth. The increase from eight T1 circuits (12 mbps) to a DS3 circuit is significant, and most companies do not require that much bandwidth. Their bandwidth requirements fall somewhere in between 12 mbps and 45 mbps, yet most are forced to upgrade to a bandwidth level much higher than needed, paying for unnecessary bandwidth. UNSi’s fixed wireless network is the right alternative to T1 or DS3 circuits and is the more cost-effective choice because UNSi’s fixed-wireless network is designed to scale 1 mbps at a time, giving businesses just the bandwidth they need, when they need it.

UNSi’s Fixed Wireless Network in Irvine California Saves on Monthly Cost

UNSi offers fixed wireless business-grade Internet that are faster and less expensive to install and maintain. Where increases in bandwidth from traditional wireline Internet service providers require the installation of additional circuits and equipment, UNSi’s fixed wireless network is much easier to upgrade – in many instances, it just takes a software key upgrade.  The underlying infrastructure at the customer location remains unchanged. This allows us to increase your service in days where traditional wireline upgrades can take weeks or even months.

Tired of the high cost of bonded T1s?  If your company needs bandwidth between 10 mbps and 40 mbps, or up to GigE speeds, UNSi’s fixed wireless Internet is the optimal choice for you. At UNSi, we offer fixed wireless Internet access for businesses in Las Vegas. We also offer a 100% Uptime Guarantee, which we back up with round-the-clock monitoring. Click here to fill our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.