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Businesses can save as much as 40% of their monthly Internet service bills when they switch to UNSi’s fixed wireless network. With traditional wireline Internet services, your Internet bandwidth is determined the number of T1s or DS3 circuits deployed. Each circuit is only capable of transmitting a certain amount of data at a time. A DS3 circuit can transmit 45 Mbps, for example, while a T1 circuit can transmit 1.54 Mbps.

Traditional wireline Internet service providers charge for the installation of each connection, such as bonding multiple T1s.  UNSi’s fixed wireless Internet service can easily scale from 2 Mg up to 9 Mbps speeds without the adding additional equipment or cable runs. We simply increase the bandwidth to the antenna unit located on the roof of your business’ building.

Because our fixed wireless network is scalable, our customers can receive a permanent increase in bandwidth in a matter of days not having to wait weeks or months. If your company has a major project or event scheduled and know that you will need additional bandwidth for the duration, you can get that increase, without any changes to your network hardware and infrastructure. We can just increase the bandwidth delivered to you easily and quickly.

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