UNSi Business Internet Solutions in Orange County California

UNSi’s business Internet solutions are making high-speed data connections more accessible in Orange County.

UNSi’s fixed wireless network is the affordable alternative to the traditional telephone or cable company’s business Internet services. UNSi can provide Internet service faster and at lower prices for the following reasons:

  1. Installation does not require running terrestrial cables to your office building. Instead, we simply install an antenna on the roof of your building. The ease of installation and lack of expensive “last mile” local loop construction makes our service less expensive to install.
  2. Our fixed wireless network is more flexible. Wireline service costs are dependent on the specific number of T1 or DS3 circuits deployed. The cost for each circuit remains constant, with little economies of scale, no matter how many are deployed. Because our fixed wireless network is not constrained to wireline speed, the cost for increased bandwidth is much less than traditional service providers.
  3. UNSi owns its entire fixed wireless network, including last-mile access, so we are not dependant on the local phone or cable companies’ last mile network to deliver our services.  This means we can pass on the cost savings to you. UNSi can be the single provider for local loop and internet access services, making it easier for you to manage.

Businesses searching for an affordable and reliable internet service provider in Orange County California should consider UNSi for fast installation times and cost savings.

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