UNSi for Small Business Internet in Los Angeles

The introduction of UNSi’s fixed wireless Internet service has made high speed Internet access more affordable for small businesses in Los Angeles. UNSi provides affordable, dedicated, fast and reliable Internet solutions even in locations where traditional wireline infrastructure doesn’t exist, like DSL or cable services.

Small Businesses Choose UNSi as Their High Speed Internet Provider

There are several reasons why UNSi’s fixed wireless network is better than traditional wireline Internet solutions for small businesses in Los Angeles:

  1. Availability. UNSi’s fixed wireless network allows us to offer high speed Internet access to Los Angeles businesses located within line of sight of any of our base stations.
  2. Reliability. UNSi’s network is built with redundant network paths, failover backup systems and our wholly-owned “last mile” access.  We stand behind our service with a service level agreement and 100% availability and performance guarantees.
  3. Scalability. Unlike traditional telephone and cable company solutions, UNSi’s fixed wireless network is scalable from 2 mbps to GigE speeds; our business customers pay only for the bandwidth they need and are not restricted to traditional T1 or DS3 increments. Our fixed wireless network allows small businesses to quickly and easily increase their bandwidth needs without having to change any of their existing underlying infrastructure. When your business needs extra bandwidth, you can get it within hours.

UNSi is the best Internet provider for small businesses in Los Angeles–and in the nation. Find out why thousands of companies of all sizes rely on us for their voice and data services: click here to fill out our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.