Network Diversity Solutions from UNSi in Los Angeles

UNSi’s network diversity and redundancy solutions provide your business with a second Internet connection that is 100% independent from your existing network. In the unfortunate event that your existing Internet connection experiences a disruption, our fixed wireless network will allow you to reroute your traffic to UNSi’s diverse connection.

Downtime has a negative impact on your employee’s productivity and your business’ revenue and reputation.  Many businesses are reducing their business risk and liability with two separate Internet connections.

Since UNSi’s fixed wireless network is delivered on a completely different infrastructure than traditional wired solutions, it represents a true diverse network path that your company can use to leverage all of your business continuity solutions.

UNSi for True Network Diversity in Los Angeles

UNSi offers fixed wireless services to businesses that are looking for affordable ways to provide network redundancy. Because our fixed wireless network has unparalleled scalability, leading companies are now using our fixed wireless network for their primary connection and wired services at a lower bandwidth for back-up.

UNSi for true network diversity in Los Angeles California area–and in the nation. Find out why thousands of companies of all sizes rely on us for their voice and data services: click here to fill out our Sales Inquiry form or call us at 1-855-888-UNSi today.