UNSi the Best Business VoIP in Las Vegas

UNSi’s VoIP is a cost-effective alternative to traditional wireline voice solutions for businesses in Las Vegas.  Businesses that are looking to improve service quality and save money on their voice and data services should take a critical look at UNSi as a viable alternative to the local cable and phone companies. Today, the line between voice and data has dissolved; phone calls are being converted into digital data packets and transmitted over the Internet. While VoIP services from UNSi functions like a traditional voice services from the phone company, it is far more flexible, scalable, and affordable than traditional wireline options.

UNSi’s hosted voice over IP service includes popular features like call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and much more. Our business customers can also take advantage of integrated voicemail-to-email capabilities, remote office and find-me follow me functionality, and dozens of other options. Even better, they can manage calling functionality right from their desks via our integrated call control toolbar in just minutes.

UNSi also provides other VoIP solutions such as SIP Trunking to replace existing business lines and PRI circuits.  All UNSi services are delivered via our private IP network, where we prioritize voice traffic to ensure quality of service.  Unlike other providers or consumer-based offerings, our VoIP services are not delivered over the public Internet where network congestion can impact voice quality.  When you sign up with UNSi’s VoIP service, you will be certain that your VoIP services are delivered over an enterprise-grade network.

Business VoIP in Las Vegas from UNSi

With our own fixed wireless network, private IP network, redundant wireless backhaul, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), 100% Uptime Guarantee and more, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of UNSi’s VoIP solutions in Las Vegas.

UNSi, for all of your business VoIP needs in Las Vegas. We also offer a 100% Uptime Guarantee, which we back up with round-the-clock monitoring. To speak with a representative, call us at 1-855-888-UNSi.