VoIP Service in Houston Offers Additional Features

Voice over IP, or VoIP, uses a digital signal to transmit voice communications instead of the analog signal used by the phone company. This gives VoIP customers a host of additional services that traditional phone service does not provide. In addition to standard telephone options such as call-waiting, call-forwarding, three-way calling and call blocking, VoIP also offers simultaneous ring, call trace and distinctive ring options.

Another benefit of VoIP service is the ability to use a web-based interface to make changes to your service. UNSi’s hosted VoIP service, for example, integrates with Microsoft’s Outlook for features such as “click-to-call” . This allows you to dial a number by clicking on it in your Outlook address book. It also allows for voicemail to email integration, where voice messages are forwarded to your email inbox, allowing you to listen to the messages you may have missed on your mobile device or easily forward the message via email to colleagues.

Simplify Your Life With UNSi’s Hosted VoIP in Houston

UNSi offers VoIP and Internet access services to Houston businesses on our fixed-wireless network . This allows you to consolidate your telecommunications services to one connection, reducing the number of bills you have to keep track of and the number service providers you have to manage. Our network service is backed by a 100 percent uptime guarantee, and is monitored by our network operations center 24×7. 

To learn more about UNSi’s hosted VoIP and broadband Internet services, as well as our other telecommunications solutions for businesses in Houston, please call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi.