T1 Broadband Options for Businesses in Houston

For companies in Houston that are looking to install business-grade broadband Internet access, two common options exist – wired service from the local phone or cable provider, or fixed wireless service from UNSi providing T1 or greater speeds.

Why Fixed-Wireless is a Better Option than Wireline T1 Broadband in Houston

At UNSi, customers have the option to select their level of service, in increments of one mbps. While wireline ISPs also offer varying levels of service in T1 (1.54 mbps) increments, the major difference is in how the service is delivered. With wireline broadband, each increase in service requires the installation of another T1 line. If you decide to increase your service after it has been installed, you would have to wait until the service provider can install new line(s), a process that can take weeks.

With fixed-wireless broadband from UNSi, increasing your bandwidth is simple. In most cases, we can upgrade your bandwidth in a matter of hours with no  additional equipment purchases or infrastructure changes.  This unmatched scalability enables you to grow your business without worrying whether your service provider can keep pace.

Another benefit is that fixed-wireless service is more affordable than wireline alternatives. In most markets, UNSi can provide more bandwidth at a lower cost than our wireline competitors.  At DS3 and higher levels, the cost of fixed wireless service is substantially less.

Best of all, UNSi’s service is delivered via an Ethernet connection, so you can plug our cable directly to your LAN router or switch, without the need for additional capital expense to purchase T1 termination equipment. 

To learn more about our fixed-wireless broadband service and how it can work for your business, call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi.