It’s Easy and Economical to Switch to UNSi’s Business VoIP in Houston

UNSi offers hosted Voice over IP service to businesses in Houston. Our experts do a full site review before installation to ensure a smooth transition to your new VoIP service. After it has been installed, we monitor the system 24 hours a day to ensure that your service remains up and running at all times. As your business grows and your phone service needs increase, we can easily adjust your service to keep up with your changing needs.

UNSi’s Business VoIP in Houston Offers Dozens of Features

Using UNSi’s hosted VoIP service gives you access to many useful features that are not available to businesses using traditional telephone service. These include:

  1. Soft phone. This feature allows you to use your computer as a telephone to conduct conference calls and make regular telephone calls through your computer. Mobile employees can use this service no matter where they are currently located.
  2. Voice mail to email integration. Your voice mail can be emailed to you every time your receive one.  The .WAV voice mail file is attached to the email so you can listen to it from your PC, laptop or mobile device.  This also allows you to easily forward the voicemail to another party.
  3. Web portal. Each employee can be given access to their personal web portal for changing their user settings like call forwarding and simultaneous ring: a feature that allows you ring multiple phones when a call comes in, so you and your employees will never miss an important call.

Additionally, VoIP customers have access to features such as call waiting, speed dial and redial as well as dozens of other options that make managing your phone system and supporting remote employees easier.

If you’d like to switch to hosted VoIP from UNSi in the Houston area, please call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi for more information. We also provide high speed data services as well as other business solutions to make running your business easier.