Fixed-Wireless Business ISP Service in Houston Is More Affordable Than Wireline Service 

Customers find that they can save significantly on their monthly Internet service bills when they switch to UNSi.  With traditional wirelineservice, your bandwidth is limited by the physical capacity of the cable that is connecting your business location to the Internet.  With T1 service from the local phone company, each connection is capable of transmitting 1.54 mbps of data. At the higher bandwidth level, a DS3 circuit can  transmit 45 mbps.  If you currently have T1 service and wants to increase your bandwidth, your wired option is to purchase another T1. 

With each additional T1 line, though, come additional costs. First, is the cost of additional  installation, which can be high if your office is not in a location easily reached by your ISP’s network. The second cost is the increase of your monthly service bill. The cost for each T1 line will be the same. So, ff you double your service to two T1 lines, you’re doubling your monthly bill. This is why many business owners choose to switch to a DS3 connection instead of installing multiple T1 lines. 

But there is a more affordable alternative.  With UNSi’sfixed-wireless service, you are not limited to the physical capacity of cable or fiber. Your service can be easily implemented with the installation of a small antenna or “subscriber unit” on the top of your building.  This subscriber unit transmits and receives data from our nearest base station, bypassing the local phone and cable company’s network.  This means you are not constrainedto T1 or DS3 speeds and can deploy any bandwidth increment from 3 mbps up to GigE speeds.

After initial installation, an upgrade in bandwidth is also simple and fast to implement. In most cases, the same antenna can be used to provide higher speeds.  A phone call to UNSi is all it takes.  Your bandwidth can be upgraded in a matter of days, or in some cases, hours.  Because we don’t have to pull any cable to increase your bandwidth, you will find our upgrades more affordable – doubling bandwidth does not mean a doubling of your cost. 

Contact UNSi for Business ISP Service in Houston and find out more about how UNSi can save you money over traditional wireline ISPs, call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi.