UNSi’s Business Internet Connections in Houston is More Affordable

UNSi provides business-grade Internet connections to companies in Houston. Our service leverages our fixed-wireless network instead of a wired infrastructure like most phone or cable companies. This means we can install your services faster, provide higher bandwidth connections without the high cost and upgrade your service easily.  

First, our installation is fast and simple:

  1. We install a small antenna or “subscriber unit “on the roof of your building.
  2. We wire this connection to your telco closet
  3. You connect our service directly to your LAN router/switch because we deliver our service via Ethernet
  4. Your subscriber unit sends and receives data wirelessly to our nearest base station that connects you to the Internet

With fixed-wireless service, you receive several benefits. In addition to being easy to install and integrate into your existing network, UNSi’s fixed-wireless service also allows for greater flexibility. Because the fixed wireless infrastructure can be the same for a wide range of speeds, a bandwidth upgrade generally does not require any change to your network setup.  We can deploy a bandwidth upgrade in a couple of days, sometime in a matter of hours.  Our service is not restricted to T1 or DS3 increments, so businesses can purchase only the amount of bandwidth they require. 

For small and medium size businesses, UNSi’s service is a better choice than cable or DSL because of it is symmetrical bandwidth. This means you have the same amount of bandwidth upstream and downstream.  For businesses that send and receive large data files, or have off-site employees, this performance capability is a key benefit of UNSi service.

UNSi offers services to only businesses.  We stand behind our service with a 1o0% uptime guarantee and our service is monitored and supported by our network operations center 24×7.

Get Your Business Internet Connection From UNSi in Houston

For a free consultation to find out how our service can benefit your business or to find out if your business is within our coverage areas, please call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi.