Get Dedicated Connectivity With Point-to-point Data Service in Dallas

Most small and medium size businesses do not need bandwidth speeds above 45 mbps. For them, fixed-wireless data service with bandwidths less than 45 Mbps is more than sufficient for their needs. For large business and enterprises whose organization depend on constant, high speed Internet access or point-to-point service, like businesses in the medical, financial educational and hospitality fields, a dedicated high speed connection is critical to their day-to-day operations.

Point-to-point Data Service in Dallas From UNSi

For businesses that require a private line connection from 45 mbps to GigE speeds, UNSi offers point-to-point high-bandwidth data services. This allows your business to take advantage of speeds equivalent to DS3 or OC-3 wireline and fiber connections but at a lower cost. Savings aren’t the only advantage to UNSi’s fixed-wireless service, though.

You’ll also find that our point-to-point service is exponentially more flexible and scalable to your needs. If your business is in a crowded metro area, pulling additional copper, cable or fiber can be prohibitively expensive and slow. It is not unusual to wait up to 90 days for service. UNSi’s point-to-point service that leverages fixed-wireless technology can be deployed quickly with bandwidth up to GigE speeds. Even in the most crowded metro markets, we can deliver service faster than the wireline providers.

Our fixed-wireless point-to-point service will allow you easily to upgrade your bandwidth as your business expands. Adjusting the bandwidth only requires changing the RF signal from our base station to your subscriber unit. There’s no additional cable that will need to be pulled and no additional equipment neede. In many cases we can upgrade your service in days or even hours, where a wireline connection upgrade could take weeks.

If you need high bandwidth, point-to-point data service for your business, please call 1-866-AIRBAND (Toll-Free: 1-866-247-2263) for more information on UNSi’s areas of coverage, pricing and installation information.