Enterprise Data Service Dallas

Data service for enterprise needs to be reliable, flexible and secure. At UNSi, we pride ourselves on offering our clients full-service data and VoIP solutions at a much lower cost than traditional wireline data service. We do this by operating a fixed-wireless network to provide wireless “last mile” and internet access services to businesses in Dallas.

Fixed-wireless service is as reliable as traditional wireline offerings. Our radio antennas are installed to withstand wind gusts up to 120 mph. We also adjust our signal based on weather predictions for your area, allowing us to offer a 100 percent up-time guarantee. It’s also more flexible than wireline data service. Changes in service can be made in hours or days, not weeks or months. In addition, we use the latest in AES encryption to ensure that your data transfer is secure.

UNSi Offers More Than Just Enterprise Data Service in Dallas

In addition to our fixed-wireless data service, we also offer hosted VoIP services for enterprise. This service allows for the ultimate in flexible communications. Call forwarding, voice mail/email integration and simultaneous ring of both your office and cell phones are all features available in our basic VoIP package. It’s also simple to use. Our VoIP service interfaces with Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox to allow users to customize their service quickly and easily.

We also offer Private IP VPN solutions to enable a more customized network for your specific applications. With our managed firewall offering, we can set up and monitor your firewall to ensure that your LAN is protected from unauthorized users, without interfering with your employees’ business.

If you’d like to switch to the full service telecommunications alternative to wireline data service, please call UNSi at 1-855-888-UNSi to learn more or to set up a consultation.