Fixed-Wireless is the Sensible Choice for Enterprise Broadband in Dallas

Fixed-wireless broadband service from UNSi is a simple, affordable alternative to wireline options for enterprises. UNSi leverages both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum to deliver Internet Access services to you wirelessly. The data signal travels in the air, from our base station to your location, to a subscriber unit installed on the top of your building. This enables you to connect to the Internet without paying for local loop charges. Your service is delivered to your office/telco closet via Ethernet. This means you can simply connect our cable directly to your LAN network for ease of management.

Expanding your service is also simple. The underlying infrastructure remains the same. We simply increase the bandwidth from our base station to your subscriber unit. This way, your bandwidth can increase as your business grows without the hassle of installing new cabling or equipment. You can make changes to your service quickly and easily, in days or even hours. With a wireline connection, the process is much more involved, requiring additional lines to be installed from the service provider and in many cases additional equipment for termination. If the underlying infrastructure is not already in place, this can be a costly, lengthy process.

With UNSi, a bandwidth upgrade does not require additional infrastructure, there are no associated hardware costs with the changing your service. Added to the already reduced cost of using fixed-wireless versus wireline Internet, UNSi’s service is the economical alternative.

If you’re looking for redundancy, UNSi service is a great way to ensure you have a truly diverse path from existing wireline infrastructure. Since our fixed-wireless network is entirely separate from your wireline service, interruptions or cable cuts will not affect the service you get from UNSi.

Conversely, if you use UNSi’s service for your primary connection, UNSi can install a wired backup circuits in addition to our fixed-wireless service for optimum reliability.

Get Fixed-Wireless Enterprise Broadband in Dallas from UNSi

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