DS3 Internet Service in Dallas

DS3 (or T3) is equal to roughly 28 T1 lines, or approximately 45 mbps. This level of service is the next big jump from bonded T1 solutions, and many businesses find that jumping up to 28 times the speed of a T1 line is more cost effective than installing more than six or eight T1 lines bonded together.

Get DS3 Services from UNSi in Dallas

Many of the businesses that make the jump for financial reasons don’t actually need that level of bandwidth. For them, an ISP that offers a more customizable option is a better choice.

UNSi offers bandwidth increments not tied to T1 or DS3 speeds so you can get services from two mbps to Gigabit. This allows you to get the exact bandwidth that you need for your business, and not have to buy too much or not enough bandwidth.

UNSi services can enable you to expand your service when you need it. Special projects or conferences can require a large increase in bandwidth for a short period of time. Where a wireline service provider would have to install new cabling to increase the bandwidth available, with fixed-wireless, bandwidth adjustments can be made to the wireless radios with a small software change, without changing the underlying infrastructure. This allows you to temporarily increase your bandwidth when you need the extra speed quickly and easily.

The ease with which changes can be made to your service also translates into savings for your business. In addition to avoiding the extra cost of bandwidth you don’t need, UNSi’s fixed-wireless service is easier to deliver to our customers, which allows us to offer DS3-level connectivity for roughly half the cost of wireline options because we bypass the local loop so you don’t have to pay local loop charges.

Call 1-855-888-UNSi if you’d like to find out how you can get high-bandwidth Internet service through UNSi’s fixed-wireless broadband network. We also provide other business telecommunications services, such as hosted VoIP and Private IP VPNs to help keep your data transfer secure.