What is Burstable Data Service in Dallas?

Burstable data service is more flexible than a traditional wireline option, but it has its limitations. With burstable service, you pay for bandwidth that is lower than the maximum capability of the cables installed. For example, with this option, you can have a T3 line installed, but only contract to use 30 mbps. This results in lower monthly fees. If you need more bandwidth, you can use up to the full amount, in this case 45 mbps, if you have to. This allows you to continue to use the bandwidth, even if you’ve exceeded your monthly allowance. If you go over your contracted amount, however, you can be charged overage fees.

UNSi Offers a Flexible Alternative to Burstable Data Service in Dallas

UNSi service is similarly flexible. You can ask for a temporary increase in bandwidth for emergency situations, for conferences or for special projects. The increase can take as little as a few minutes to implement. This allows you to adjust to unexpected situations, or planned events, in a way that won’t interfere with your normal bandwidth requirements. When you decide you need a permanent upgrade, it can also be done quickly and without any changes to your LAN setup.

This type of flexibility is possible with UNSi because we use a fixed-wireless network instead of a wireline one. Your bandwidth is determined by the signal we send to your subscriber unit not on the cables installed. This type of setup allows us to offer temporary increases or permanent upgrades without changing your setup. It also allows us to offer our service at a much lower rate than wireline ISPs. Not only are there no additional installation fees for upgrades, your monthly bills will also be lower.

If you’d like to know more about our services throughout the Dallas metro area, including our flexible data and voice services for business, please call 1-855-888-UNSi.