Broadband Last Mile Service in Dallas

When ISPs refer to the “last mile”, they literally mean the last mile of cabling that connects your office to the nearest on-net point or point-of-presence (POP) of the ISP.  It can be any distance, depending on how far your office is from the nearest POP.

UNSi Offers Wireless Broadband Last Mile Service in Dallas

At UNSi, we have a different approach to Internet service.  In addition to owning our own backbone network, we also provide our customers with wireless broadband last mile service.  Instead of resellng the last mile connection from the phone company, our fixed wireless broadband network bypasses the wired infrastructure to deliver our services directly to you.  We transmit the data signal from our local base station to an antenna that we install on the roof of your building.

This allows us to deliver service to businesses where installing wireline infrastructure is too costly.  As long as your business is within our coverage area in Dallas, or in other major metropolitan areas where UNSi provides service, we can arrange to deliver wireless Internet access that includes last mile service to you in a matter of days.

The installation process itself is simple.  A small wireless radio (subscriber unit) is installed on the roof of your building.  The subscriber unit transmits and receives data signals from our local base station that is connected to the Internet.  From the subscriber unit, we run cabling to your telecommunications closet with a simple CAT5 Ethernet connection.  This allows you to plug directly into your existing LAN router without having to purchase any additional hardware.  With a wireline T1 connection, additional termination equipment is required before it can interface with your LAN.

To learn more about our wireless Internet access and last mile service in Dallas, please call our Houston representatives at 1-855-888-UNSi.