UNSi the #1 Fixed Wireless ISP in Atlanta

UNSi’s fixed wireless Internet is the most reliable and flexible alternative to traditional business-grade wireline Internet service. With UNSi as your fixed wireless ISP, your business’ high speed Internet service is delivered through the air instead of through cables buried in the ground. UNSi routes wireless Internet signals from network base stations to rooftop subscriber unit.

UNSi’s fixed wireless network allows businesses that were previously unable to receive high speed Internet service from traditional wireline Internet service providers because of distance from the network or by exorbitant installation costs, to get the high speed Internet service they need as long as they have clear line of site to one of our network base stations. UNSi’s fixed wireless network offers scalable bandwidth from 2 Mbps up to GigE speeds just by adjusting the signal strength between to base station and subscriber unit antenna.

UNSi Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider for Businesses In Atlanta

At UNSi, we offer high speed fixed wireless Internet service from 2 Mbps to Gage speeds. Our fixed wireless network allows for more flexible bandwidth service plans, when your business needs a temporary increase in bandwidth for a special event the request can be completed in days. Traditional wireline ISP’s do not have this capability, it would take weeks if not months to increase your bandwidth and the costs involved would be excessive.

UNSi, your fixed wireless ISP for businesses located in Atlanta Georgia. We also offer a 100% Up-time Guarantee, which we back up with round-the-clock monitoring. To speak with a representative, call us at 1-855-888-UNSi.